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A flood

This page is about the effects of floods.

So exactly, what is a flood?Edit

A flood is an overflowing of a large amount of water beyond its normal confines, esp. over what is normally dry land. (Google )


Another flood

Impacts of Floods on the EcosystemEdit

Floods can destroy drainage systems and the raw sewage in the drainage systems will enter bodies of water. Buildings may be destroyed and their contents (toxic) will be drained into bodies of water which will harm the marine animals. Floods can wash away uneeded salt and junk and debris left on land. Floods also cause large amounts of erosion which removes dirt and such. Runoff from a flood contains sediments and products, which include pesticides and fertilizer. The runoff may harm corals. And floods may destroy habitats. The sediments carried by the runoff can block sunlight from reaching the normal level, which can kill plants who photosynthesize. Floods can be good, since they spread sediment containing beneficial nutrients.
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And yet another photo of a flood.


For plants, a flood can make the soil fertile but the flood can also kill plants. Plants will benefit from the large amount of water that the flood brings. The water from the floods can also revive wilted (not dead) plants and help germinating seeds.


Flooding can force some animals out of their natural habitats. Fish, however, can use the excess water and can breed and give birth in it. Birds and other animals can also use this excess water for reproduction.

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